Sub Zero Fridge Repair Toronto - We have experience since 1995 in Sub Zero fridge repair Toronto and Sub Sero Refrigerator Toronto. We repair varies models of Sub Zero refrigerator. We are providing excellent quality and reliable services in Sub Zero fridge. Save your time and money with professional Sub Zero appliance repair and service in Toronto and all across GTA area.

We offer repairs for your sub-zero appliance on the same day for all our customers. We are also available for service calls 7 days a week if you need help.

Sub Zero Appliance Repair Toronto

If you have a sub-zero appliance, then you have most likely come across these issues:

  • – Funny noises
  • – Water leakages
  • – Overheating from compressor

When one or more of these things happen, try not to lose your cool. Every homeowner with a sub-zero appliance has come across these things at one point or the other, what makes the difference is how they choose to handle it.

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Our Premium Services for the Sub Zero Appliances Repair:

If you decide to call on quack technicians to fix your sub-zero appliance, then you won’t have peace of mind. Every now and then you will worry about the state of your appliance and have to fix and repair something they swore they did right the last time. Worst of all, they will use aftermarket/fake replacements on your sub-zero appliance and you will find yourself having to sell your appliance very soon because you can’t keep up with the cost of repairs.

We totally understand that it might be difficult getting some good and trusted hand to handle your appliances. We don’t want you to continue to deal with your sub-zero appliance issue without having someone around to help you with them.

If you are reading this, then you are in luck. You have come to the right place where your troubles with maintenance, repair and other questions you have about your sub-zero will be adequately dealt with. Our team consists of professionals who have been helping people solve their subzero appliance issues for quite a while now, and have built experience for many years dealing with these issues.

Also, our great team are great with customer service, so they will help you keep your cool when you call us about a problem with your sub-zero appliance.

Most good sub-zeros are strong and durable, so they will last a long time, but every sub-zero needs maintenance to help it last for long, even if you don’t use them very often. Wear and tear can affect your equipment even if you don’t constantly use them, and this wear and tear can cause a serious problem if you don’t act to prevent it from getting worse. We can help you maintain your sub-zero to prevent wear and tear from making it pack up sooner than it should and ensue smooth running.

Our Core Values

We are Experts in Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair Toronto

25+ Year Experience

Surprises on their bills, so we take the time to agree.

No Hidden fees

Nobody likes surprises on their bills, so we take the time.

Same Day Service

We take the time to agree with you exactly what our.


We take the time to agree with you exactly what our.

Real client care

What our work will cost before we do it not after!


Likes surprises on their bills, so we take the time.

We repair sub zero Fridge and Wine Cooler Repair Toronto

Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair Toronto – Imagine what your house would be like without your refrigerator or freezer. Nowhere to chill your drinks or keep your foods and vegetables fresh until you are ready to use them. Nobody wants to live that way. Refrigerators are so important in our lives, we should never have to deal with them malfunctioning. When they do malfunction, we should get the best people for the job to handle it.

Sometimes, we have problems with cooling, banging noises or water on the floor and we don’t know what to do. Some of these problems are caused by:

  • – The door of the fridge having problems with sealing
  • – The compressor overheating
  • – The evaporator fan motor not running
  • – The dispenser leaking

Other things that can happen to your sub-zero appliance are:

  • – Heavy ice and frost build up
  • – Condenser fan motor not running properly
  • – Your drain hose constantly freezing
  • – And many others

When one or a combination of these things happen, be sure to call us. Also, when something that you aren’t sure of happens, you can call us to ask questions.

Why You Should Call Us For Sub Zero Repair Toronto

There are a few reasons why you should call on us when you have issues with your sub-zero appliances.

  1. We have top quality Sub Zero professionals in Toronto

At Acco Canada Refrigeration We boast of some of the best sub-zero repairers and maintainers around. Calling the wrong set of people to help with your repair and maintenance can cost you a lot in the long run, because they will use fake tools to work and repair it wrongly so you have to keep spending money to repair over and over again. Our team of professionals have worked over the years on sub-zero appliances, and have gathered experience on it. So when you call on us, be rest assured that the best of the best will be coming to the rescue

  1. We provide the best kind of Sub Zero service at all times

We know that most of our customers are busy people, so we are very flexible with our schedule to accommodate that. We work on all 7 days of the week, so we are available to come in when you need us, and our customer service team is very professional and friendly, so much that you’ll enjoy talking to them.

  1. Affordable Sub Zero Fridge Repair Service Toronto

While we encourage our customers to pay more for better service, we also understand that people work within a tight budget. We understand that these sub-zero appliances are very essential, so we are willing to provide the best service to you at an affordable price.

  1. We provide high-quality parts and service

We love to hear from you, but we don’t want to have you constantly call us because we didn’t fix something right. For this reason, we bring in the big guns whenever we come to work for you. With high-quality parts and services, you can be sure your sub-zero won’t have any issues in a long, long time.

  1. We offer you a guarantee of customer satisfaction

We are very committed to our customer satisfaction, and we can completely assure you that you will be satisfied when you hire us to maintain and fix your appliances. Our team of professionals have a great reputation and we can guarantee you that when you hire us to do your repairs and maintenance the first time, you will want to work with us over and over again. Even better, you will want to recommend us to your family and friends.

Specialized in All Makes & Models of Sub Zero